Sound Of Children Playing Outside Leads To An Insane Lawsuit

PlayhouseJudges across the United States have heard some pretty ridiculous lawsuits between neighbors over the years, but the latest legal dispute out of Plano, Texas may set a new low for neighborly relations.

Andrew and Kelly Counts are being sued by their next-door neighbors because they don’t like the sound the Counts’ children make when they’re playing outside. It’s not as if the kids are lighting firecrackers or bouncing balls off their house, either. According to one report, the neighbors simply sued the Counts for upsetting what they call their “tranquil quality of life.”

The offensive sounds are basically cries of excitement from the kids as they use a playhouse in their back yard. It’s important to note that the Counts received the permission of the city and their neighborhood association for placing the playhouse in the yard. In other words, they played by the rules and their neighbors simply don’t like it.

It’s also relevant to this story to note that the Counts homeschool their children, so the kids play outside during the day more than children who go to a traditional school. This is also apparently a source of aggravation for the neighbors. According to the report, “the lawsuit blamed the Counts for allowing their children to play outside when ‘most children are in regular schools.’” The case will certainly be watched closely by home school advocates.

People with disputes like this should always seek alternatives to litigation before turning to the courts, but even I wouldn’t condone the first remedy these thin-skinned neighbors tried before suing the Counts. After they became upset with the sound of the kids playing, they reacted by blaring loud rap music with profanity-laced lyrics when the kids used their playhouse. Talk about hitting a sour note!

It sounds like a certain set of neighbors need a lesson in how to settle disputes like adults. If that doesn’t work, maybe the judge can give them a time out!

Originally published on the news site EpicTimes.

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