Finalists In The 19th Annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest Announced

imageThe five wackiest warning labels of 2016 have just been announced as part of the Center for America’s 19th annual Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest. They are:

“For Accessory Use Only. Not to Be Used as a Battle Device.” A label on a toy Star Wars light saber. Submitted by Susannah Peate, Carmel, Indiana.

“Blades are sharp.” A label on a common utility knife. Submitted by Debbie Kronstain, Bentleyville, Ohio.

“In California, do not release outdoors or near electric power lines as it may cause power outages.” A label on a helium party balloon. Submitted by Connor Byrne, Walled Lake, Michigan.

“Do not hold over people.” A label on a glass coffee pot. Submitted by Connor Dial, Tyrone, Georgia.

– “Cycling can be dangerous. Bicycle products should be installed and serviced by a professional mechanic…Failure to heed any of these warnings may result in serious injury or death.” A label on a bicycle bell. Submitted by Bill Childs, Austin, Texas.

We find these silly warning labels on products sold throughout America because, in this era of excessive litigation, labels must do more than protect consumers from possible injuries, they have to protect product makers from frivolous lawsuits.

Tune in to John Stossel’s show on FOX Business News Friday, June 17 at 9:00 PM EDT to see which labels earn the three cash prizes. The winners are selected by Stossel’s studio audience, and the grand prize winner receives $1,000!

2 thoughts on “Finalists In The 19th Annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest Announced

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  2. Years ago, my wife used one of those folding sun-blocking windshield screens to keep the car cooler.

    I noticed that on the side of the screen marked “INSIDE” there was this message: “Do not operate vehicle with guard in place.”

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