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For two decades, Bob Dorigo Jones, blog host and weekly radio commentator of the “Let’s Be Fair!” series, has reached hundreds of millions of Americans with the message that abusive lawsuits and unfair court rules harm American quality of life. Bob is the creator of the nationally renowned annual Wacky Warning Label contest and bestselling author of Remove Child Before Folding: The 101 Stupidest, Silliest, and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. Bob serves as Senior Fellow for Center for America a leading national free enterprise and legal reform organization with more than 60 national and state partners.

Let’s Be Fair

Listen to the latest edition of our one-minute “Let’s Be Fair” radio commentary. Listen Here


Renee Giachino, general counsel of the Center for Individual Freedom, interviews Bob Dorigo Jones on her radio program, airing on 1330 WEBY. Listen Here

Interview with Lars Larson, nationally syndicated Compass Media Network, on Bob’s Human Events op-ed. Interview begins at 59:04 Listen Here

Interview with Roger Hedgecock, nationally syndicated broadcast host and XM Channel 158, Listen Here

Interview with Martha Zoller, Interview with Martha Zoller, COX Radio syndicated, on Wacky Warning Labels. Listen Here.

Interview with Jeff Katz, WFTL-AM, West Palm Beach, FL, Top 100 radio talk show hosts, about tort reform and frivolous lawsuits. Listen Here.


Commentator George Will on Wacky Warning Labels